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Device Administrator Enrollment Requiered for Teams Android Authentication | Teams Android-based Systems Cannot Login

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How to Enable SIP / H.323 Calling and Dialing on Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Hello, Everyone!! Last week, one Service Provider from Mexico asked me about this new feature, so I've already enable it on one MTR at the office, but before doing so, I remember the first time that I heard about this, I was so excited cos we finally could join any meeting via SIP/H.323 on our Teams Rooms. and today, I decided to talk about it to help everyone!! 💪

Skypesettings.xml | XML Files for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Hey there!! Recently, I've been delivering tech training, and out of curiosity, I asked attendees about XML files, and many of them didn't know how to use and make them for their MTRoW, but guess what? Most of the people didn't know anything about them. Therefore, I'd like to share different options to be applied to your systems and help you get by on your journey.

Enabling Cross-Tenant meeting Invitations via PowerShell | How Can External Users Book Internal Rooms?

Hello, everyone!! It's time to proceed with the How to Set up Microsoft Teams Rooms series! This blog post will be essential for some or, for everybody, I'm not sure yet. Let me explain my POV, as a Systems Engineer, I've been working in conjunction with many engineers who work at different companies, such as Microsoft, Zoom, Google, and so on. They send meeting, and the in-office devices need to be able to be booked, and let them know they've made booking, so is it essential, right? Let me show you how this can be done. Note: The title is not Microsoft teams related, I know it, but I decided to type in another one, since we can use this step-by-step guide to change configuration on all our room resources.

Couldn't Connect to Workplace Join. Try again, or contact your admin

I was writing a new blog post about Microsoft Teams Panels, and guess what, dear reader? One user came across a new issue!! And he told me about it, so, let's talk about how to fix "Couldn't Connect to Workplace Join. Try again, or contact your admin".

How to Capture TC8 Screen? | Control App on Poly Studio X and G7500

Hello, everyone! If there was one question that was asked more than "how to join X meeting?", it would be "How to capture TC8 screen?", well, as far as I know, there are two ways to capture TC8 screen, one of them is for users and the another one is for admins. Today, I'll be talking about user's option. However, In near future, I'll set aside time to write about admin's option.

Creating Teams Rooms Resource Account via Microsoft 365 and PowerShell

Hey, everyone! This is the first post of the series called "How to Set up Microsoft Teams Rooms", so you'll find a step-by-step guide on this blog. I decided to start it because I was helping a company deploying their MTRs but they didn't know anything about resource account, Teams Rooms licenses and so on, but today, everyone could learn how to set up and deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Poly Studio E70 as an IP Camera

Hey there! I've been asked many times "Is E70 an IP camera?", "Can E70 work as an IP camera?", so today I'd like to share how this can be done with y'all.

How to Provision Poly CCX, Trio, VVX and Edge E phones with Poly Lens | 2 Methods

Hello, everyone!! I've been thinking of creating step-by-step guides about Microsoft, Zoom, Google and UC stuff, but I noticed I need to speak about Poly Lens first. If you ask me... It helps us enable several features, it's a life saver tool, so let's talk about Lens!!!

How to Enable Google Meet / Teams / Webex meetings on Zoom Rooms? | Direct Guest Join for Zoom Rooms

Hey, there! Nowadays, many people need to join a meeting through a 3rd party provider such as Webex, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and they're using Zoom Rooms, so today I'll show you how to enable Direct Guest Join in order to help your users be wherever they need to be.

How to Provision Poly Studio USB and Studio R30 with Poly Lens | 3 Methods

Hey, there!! I've been asked to show how to register Poly Studio USB to Lens, and today I'd like to talk about it to help everyone. 👦😎 As I mentioned on How to Provision Poly Studio X / G7500 with Lens , there are different options to onboard devices to Lens, two of them are as follows: Onboard a device using Provisioning : Register a device one at a time. Onboard all devices via DHCP Auto Discovery: DHCP automatically registers devices to a provisioning server. So, you can automatically provision your Studio via DHCP or, manually provision it. In this post I'm going to talk about Provisioning and DHCP option.

How to Enable the Microsoft Teams Rooms New Home Screen Design

Hello, everyone!! I was delivering a presentation when one guy asked me "Why your teams room looks like that?" and I was like "It's the new home screen design, bro :D" so, I told him that I'll publish a how-to post to enable the new design, and the day has come. 👌

How to Update Microsoft Teams Rooms with PowerShell | Upgrading MTRoW

Hello there! Three weeks ago, I took part of Get-CSLATAM Conference in Mexico City, and I needed to take many devices there, so I asked a colleague for demo equipment. The mini PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms was delivered to my house, and I noticed it was running one old version of Windows and Teams App, therefore, it couldn't display the new home screen design and there were no advance features.

How to Access and Control Microsoft Teams Rooms Remotely

The day has come for me to write this blog post! My colleagues asked me for showing them how to Control MTRoW remotely, In addition, I took part of Get-CS LATAM event last week, and I was delivering a tech presentation in-person, I showed the attendees how to access and control their Microsoft Teams Rooms remotely, so  I decided to publish a post to help them, my colleagues and everyone.

How to Enable Email and MS Teams Notifications from Poly Lens | Setting up Notification Center

Hello, everyone! Last weekend I was reading posts on Reddit, and I found out one guy asking for offline and software update available notifications for Poly Systems, so I decided to write a blog post about it.