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Device Administrator Enrollment Requiered for Teams Android Authentication | Teams Android-based Systems Cannot Login

How to Enable SIP / H.323 Calling and Dialing on Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Hello, Everyone!! Last week, one Service Provider from Mexico asked me about this new feature, so I've already enable it on one MTR at the office, but before doing so, I remember the first time that I heard about this, I was so excited cos we finally could join any meeting via SIP/H.323 on our Teams Rooms. and today, I decided to talk about it to help everyone!! 💪

Skypesettings.xml | XML Files for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Hey there!! Recently, I've been delivering tech training, and out of curiosity, I asked attendees about XML files, and many of them didn't know how to use and make them for their MTRoW, but guess what? Most of the people didn't know anything about them. Therefore, I'd like to share different options to be applied to your systems and help you get by on your journey.

Enabling Cross-Tenant meeting Invitations via PowerShell | How Can External Users Book Internal Rooms?

Hello, everyone!! It's time to proceed with the How to Set up Microsoft Teams Rooms series! This blog post will be essential for some or, for everybody, I'm not sure yet. Let me explain my POV, as a Systems Engineer, I've been working in conjunction with many engineers who work at different companies, such as Microsoft, Zoom, Google, and so on. They send meeting, and the in-office devices need to be able to be booked, and let them know they've made booking, so is it essential, right? Let me show you how this can be done. Note: The title is not Microsoft teams related, I know it, but I decided to type in another one, since we can use this step-by-step guide to change configuration on all our room resources.

Couldn't Connect to Workplace Join. Try again, or contact your admin

I was writing a new blog post about Microsoft Teams Panels, and guess what, dear reader? One user came across a new issue!! And he told me about it, so, let's talk about how to fix "Couldn't Connect to Workplace Join. Try again, or contact your admin".