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Device Administrator Enrollment Requiered for Teams Android Authentication | Teams Android-based Systems Cannot Login


The Site

The purpose of this blog is to document and publish IT tips & tricks I've learned while deploying and setting up IT devices as a Systems Engineer/Technical Consultant. I started this blog because I deliver webinars every Thursday to teach people how to deploy IT systems, learn about the cloud & unified communications, and stuff, so this blog is the perfect site to share all the information with everyone because everybody can read it at anytime and anywhere.

Because of my job, mainly I'll be posting about IT systems, and unified communications, although you may read Windows and PC troubleshooting posts. In mean, this blog is about the power of technology!
Are you looking for a specific topic? Try the search bar in the top-right corner or, press the tags to filter information. In case you have questions or you'd like to see a specific topic, feel free to reach out, I'd love posting the information and helping you. 


Statements, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog belong to me, and not to my employer. All statements expressed in this blog are my own and don't represent any company. This blog constitutes a fair use of any copyrighted content as provided for in section 107 of the United States of America copyright laws.


I'm based in Mexico City, but I was born in another stated called Puebla which is one of my favorite places, and I love calling it my home.
I decided to move out because I wanted to study Robotics Engineering at Instituto Politécnico Nacional, one of the best engineering universities in Latin America.
Basilica Cathedral of Puebla
Basilica Cathedral of Puebla

My home
To see more nice photos, you should follow me on Instagram. 😏👌

During my university years, I joined Baja SAE Team in order to improve my planning, mechanical design, and public speaking skills. After designing and building our off-road vehicle, team leaders needed to deliver a presentation about the vehicle's systems in Baja SAE Mexico competition. I had been working on the powertrain system, so I talked about it, and used a slide to deliver my 10 minutes presentation, check it out.
Baja SAE Mexico
The judges told us that the best member of our team had been me! That made me feel really happy and proud. However, I know all the members of the team gave their best in everything we did. Check out our vehicle! 😎
Baja SAE Mexico
Marabunta Team - Siinik 2020

In 2020, a virus spread around the globe, so I decided to leave the team because we couldn't go to school anymore to develop our car, and then I found out a new opportunity... I got my first job as a Systems Engineering Intern at a tech company called Poly (Plantronics + Polycom), and my adventure had begun in that moment. I learned Microsoft Power Automate, how to provision tech support, network engineering, and many tech and soft skill there. I developed a robot to automate processes and help myself be more efficient with my tasks, and a python code to graph information to show my team the systems status.

I was completing my university education, and getting ready for a full-time job at the same time. At IPN, I needed to develop a final degree project, and I wanted to develop a system using Raspberry Pi, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mechanical Design, Python, and Google Cloud, it was challenging, I know it, but Jose and I enjoyed it. 
How to detect people with Mask
Testing the AI at home

Python Get Method
Getting Information through the AI

Email notifications with python
Email notifications
As you might expect, we can get so much information every minute because the systems would be getting as much information as possible in any subway station, and one guy/girl cannot read and see insights, so those data was uploading to Google Cloud while collecting them to be analyzed. 👌
Python Pandas
Python Numpy Pandas

To learn more about this project, visit this link.
After finishing it up and completing my career, I received a full-time job offer from Poly, and I took that opportunity to work as a Systems Engineer. I started working with partners and integrators to help and teach them tech topics, how to deploy IT devices, and how to manage them with the cloud. Therefore, I got new skills because I used Lens, Jira, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams Admin Center, Zoom Device Management, Confluence, and so on.

Nowadays, I'm happily work at a big tech company called HP, and I've been using new technologies such as Google admin console, Dynamics and stuff. I deliver webinars and, tech courses every month or every week, and I love it! If you ask me... I love learning about new tech topics such as the cloud, Python, Additive Manufacturing, and stuff, that's why I love delivering webinars and I've taken many courses on Coursera, LinkedIn Learning and other platforms.

Free Time

I truly love listening to music, in my opinion, it is because I used to belong to a Marching Band (MB) called Águilas Doradas (the best MB in Mexico), you can watch one of our videos here. I can spend my whole day listening to music such as techno, trance, rock, pop, and instrumental genre.
Also, I enjoy spending time with my family and my pets when visiting Puebla. On the other hand, being in Mexico City is a great opportunity for visiting museums and learning new things on weekends. I like 3D printing, so if I'm at home, I usually print things on weekends. My favorite printed creations are as follows:
Eiffel Tower
3D Printed Eiffel Tower

Moon Lamp
Moon Lamp
As you can read, I'm a tech fan, I love learning new things, and sharing all my knowledge and my day-to-day activities with everyone. To see more, follow me on my social media.


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