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How to Upgrade and Downgrade a Studio X or G7500 using Custom Server, Web UI or Poly Lens

There are several options to update and downgrade your Poly systems, today I'm going to show you how these 3 options (Custom Server, Web User Interface, Poly Lens Cloud) can be done.

How to upgrade Poly Studio X

You prefer a video to a reading? You should visit my YouTube Channel here, or watch the following video:

For Spanish speakers: 

Web User Interface (Web UI)

Type in your system's IP address on your preferred browser, and enter your user name and password. 
  • Default user name: admin
  • Default password: The last 6 digits of serial number

Select General Settings > Device Management.

In order to update your systems, video bar and IP devices (such as Trio, TC8, TC10, Mics, and so on) must be paired. Click on Check for updates, and then Update All.

On Web User interface, you can't downgrade your systems, only upgrade them, so, it's really important to know the following methods.

Custom Server URL

This is the best option for updating or downgrading your systems to a certain version without provisioning it with Lens.
First of all, you can use one of the following Custom server URLs: 

VideoOS 4.0 or later

VideoOS 3.0 or higher
Let's get into Device Management, Select Custom Server URL and now, copy and paste one of the above. Click on Check for Updates, and finally on Update All button.
Note: Before upgrading your system to 4.0, ensure that is running 3.14.1 or 3.14.2. Keep in mind that once you update your system to 4.0, you cannot downgrade.

Now, my system has been downgraded. 😦 In case you update your system to VideoOS 4.0, I recommend you an extra system restart after the system completes the update. Go to Diagnostics > System Reset and Select Restart All.
How to restart Poly Studio X

Poly Lens

Haven´t you already provisioned your device? Check this post out.
Now, log into your tenant, and click on your inventory.