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Showing posts from February, 2023

Device Administrator Enrollment Requiered for Teams Android Authentication | Teams Android-based Systems Cannot Login

How to Set up a Zoom Room for the First Time | Configuring an Android Device for Conference Room

Nowadays, many companies are looking for enabling hybrid work, so It's really important to know how to install and deploy a Zoom Room for shared spaces. First, you need to get a Zoom Room License, as far as I know, you can get it via Zoom One Enterprise License. However, I recommend you read more on Zoom Pricing & Plans .

How to convert VVX X50 Series to OBI for Google Voice | Converting from UC Software to OBI Edition and OBI to UC

As you may know, VVX X50 phones are supported devices for Google Voice, but these desk phones must be running OBI Edition instead of UC software. So, today I'll be talking about how to convert your UC software to OBI Edition in order to use your desk phone with Google Voice, and how to get it back to UC.  

How to Upgrade and Downgrade a Studio X or G7500 using Custom Server, Web UI or Poly Lens

There are several options to update and downgrade your Poly systems, today I'm going to show you how these 3 options (Custom Server, Web User Interface, Poly Lens Cloud) can be done.