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How to Access and Control Microsoft Teams Rooms Remotely

The day has come for me to write this blog post! My colleagues asked me for showing them how to Control MTRoW remotely, In addition, I took part of Get-CS LATAM event last week, and I was delivering a tech presentation in-person, I showed the attendees how to access and control their Microsoft Teams Rooms remotely, so  I decided to publish a post to help them, my colleagues and everyone.

Control Microsoft Teams Rooms Remotely

First of all, this option is the perfect way to control your MTR without an ID, many other options request for ID, so you need to go to your room and get closer your Mini PC and check ID out. Today's option will help you just get into your system and control it without going to the office. On the other hand, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is disabled by default for security, so today I'll show you how to remote access and control your Microsoft Teams Rooms. 

Note: This step-by-step guide is for admins to take screenshots for documentation, PoCs and demo purposes and stuff. Are you an user? It's so different for you and you don't need to install anything in your Microsoft Teams Room.

We need to download and install TightVNC, it allows you access and control any computer over the network, and it doesn't matter what account is signed in.

Installing TightVNC in MTR (Server)

Go here and download TightVNC directly to an USB stick, or move TightVNC to it.



On your Teams Room Controller, select More > Settings.

How to Control Teams Rooms Remotely

How to Access Teams Rooms Remotely

Enter your admin password, and select "Yes".


Note: The default password is "sfb".

Select Windows Settings.