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Device Administrator Enrollment Requiered for Teams Android Authentication | Teams Android-based Systems Cannot Login

How to Update Microsoft Teams Rooms with PowerShell | Upgrading MTRoW

Hello there! Three weeks ago, I took part of Get-CSLATAM Conference in Mexico City, and I needed to take many devices there, so I asked a colleague for demo equipment. The mini PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms was delivered to my house, and I noticed it was running one old version of Windows and Teams App, therefore, it couldn't display the new home screen design and there were no advance features.

How to Access and Control Microsoft Teams Rooms Remotely

The day has come for me to write this blog post! My colleagues asked me for showing them how to Control MTRoW remotely, In addition, I took part of Get-CS LATAM event last week, and I was delivering a tech presentation in-person, I showed the attendees how to access and control their Microsoft Teams Rooms remotely, so  I decided to publish a post to help them, my colleagues and everyone.