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How to Set up Poly Studio X Series | Configuring Studio X Series for the First Time

In this blog post, I'll be showing you how to configure your new Studio X30, X50 or X70.

Hoe to set up Poly Studio X

Connecting our Devices

First, connect your bar to corporate network and power source, and then to a display (X30), or two displays (X50 or X70). Also, connect your TC8 to PoE source.

In order to IP devices (such as TC8) can be paired to video system, your TC8 and Studio X need to be on the same VLAN, you need to allow traffic on TCP port 18888 and the following network components must be unblocked:

  • Multicast address
  • TCP port 2000
  • UDP port 18888

The diagrams are as follows:

How to Connect Poly Studio X30
Studio X30

How to connect Poly Studio X50
Studio X50

Studio X52

How to Connect Poly Studio X70
Studio X70

Changing Password

Type in Studio X's IP address in your preferred browser, and then enter user name and password. 

  • Default user name: admin
  • Default password: The last 6 digits of serial number
Poly Studio Web Interface Default Password
Web Interface

Now, I highly recommend you change your password, select Security and Local Accounts, click on Change Password.

Local Accounts

Type in current password and, a new one.

General Settings

Sign in with your new password.

Add your information, click on General Settings and My Information. Fill up the requested blanks.

Your Information

Go into General Settings, click on Date and Time, and set time zone, date format and time format.

Check for updates in Device Management. If there's any update, click on Update All. After completing the update, the system will restart itself.