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Device Administrator Enrollment Requiered for Teams Android Authentication | Teams Android-based Systems Cannot Login

Poly Studio X as Google Meet Hardware | Setting up an Android System as Meet Hardware

Hello, everyone!! I hope you're doing well. This blog post is one of the most anticipated posts of 2023, I know it, and I'm going to answer all your questions.

First of all, Google Workspace provides productivity and collaboration tools such as Gmail, Drive, Meet, Docs and stuff, and Google Admin console is where admins can set up business email and mobile devices, add users, turn on/off and manage services that employees need to use, manage devices, and much more.

Google Workspace
Why Google Meet hardware is important? Well... Are your in-office employees taking video calls with many people and they're using a laptop or a mobile phone? You should know that they can use an endpoint to make it easier, be heard and look like a boss. Today, I'm gonna show you how to set up a conference system (Studio X) with Google to help your in-office employees join meetings and collaborate.

Do you prefer a video over a reading? Check out the following video:


Before enrolling your device, read Prepare your network carefully to optimize the network and provide high quality meetings, and remember, I always recommend you use wired network connection to get the best audio and video quality. You should check my how to set up Studio X post before getting started. 

Note: A Meet hardware license is required, and your system must be running PolyOS 4.0 or later. In order to upgrade your Studio X to 4.0, please take a look at this post to learn how to upgrade/downgrade your system

Enrolling a System

Go to, and type in your email address and your password. Keep in mind that you must use an administrator account and sign in with it.

Sign in to Google Admin Console

Google Workspace Admin Console

Select Devices > Google Meet Hardware > Devices and click on Enroll a device with a code

Enroll a device with a code

Where I can find that code? On your meet hardware, you can see it displayed.

Google Meet Hardware Code

Enter a name and the code, and click ENROLL.


  Enrolling a Meet Hardware on Google Admin Console

Your device has been enrolled, and you can click on it from the list of devices under Devices section to find more options. 

Google Meet Hardware


Google Meet Hardware


Assigning a Calendar

Now, we need to assign a calendar to the device. You can associate your meet hardware with a calendar for a specific user or, a room. However, there's a 3rd option, it can be used with no calendar, but I don't recommend you that option, but if you plan to use your devices for unscheduled meetings, go ahead, you don't need to assign one calendar.

Now, let's click on Calendar Assignment.

Assigning a calendar to Google Meet Hardware 

As I mentioned, you can assign either a room calendar or a personal calendar. In this case, I'll choose personal, but you should choose the best option for you, and then click Save.

What is the best option for you? Please read the following information:

  • Room Calendar: Meet hardware that will be installed in a conference room. There must be a calendar resource created, see the information below.
  • Personal Calendar: Devices for a single user (WFH, for instance). The devices and user must belong to the same OU (organizational unit), see the information below.

Assigning a calendar to Google Meet Hardware

Keep in mind that you can associate a room calendar with only one device or a personal calendar with multiple devices!!

Managing/Adding Organizational Units (for Personal Room)

Your user and Studio X belong to the same OU? Or, are you looking for applying different settings to a set of users or devices? Let's talk about it! An organization unit is a group that you can create to apply configurations to a certain set of devices/users. You may need to apply the same set of settings to other users/devices, but only one thing is changed... Create child OUs. For example:

  • MX Org
    • Remote workers
    • Sales team
    • IT Department
    • HR
  • USA Org
    • L&D
    • Finance

As you might expect, it's like a family, the son inherits his father's traits, but they're not the same, something is different, so child OUs inherit settings from above but you can enable/disable services at anytime. I mean, the settings can be changed to meet the needs of a child OU. To create organizational units, go to Directory > Organizational units

Organizational Units on Google Admin Console

By default, your provisioned devices will be added to the main organization unit, but you can change its unit. Get back to Devices > Google Meet Hardware > Devices, select your system, and a folder on the right side.