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Device Administrator Enrollment Requiered for Teams Android Authentication | Teams Android-based Systems Cannot Login

How to Provision Poly CCX, Trio, VVX and Edge E phones with Poly Lens | 2 Methods

Hello, everyone!! I've been thinking of creating step-by-step guides about Microsoft, Zoom, Google and UC stuff, but I noticed I need to speak about Poly Lens first. If you ask me... It helps us enable several features, it's a life saver tool, so let's talk about Lens!!!

How to Enable Google Meet / Teams / Webex meetings on Zoom Rooms? | Direct Guest Join for Zoom Rooms

Hey, there! Nowadays, many people need to join a meeting through a 3rd party provider such as Webex, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and they're using Zoom Rooms, so today I'll show you how to enable Direct Guest Join in order to help your users be wherever they need to be.

How to Provision Poly Studio USB and Studio R30 with Poly Lens | 3 Methods

Hey, there!! I've been asked to show how to register Poly Studio USB to Lens, and today I'd like to talk about it to help everyone. 👦😎 As I mentioned on How to Provision Poly Studio X / G7500 with Lens , there are different options to onboard devices to Lens, two of them are as follows: Onboard a device using Provisioning : Register a device one at a time. Onboard all devices via DHCP Auto Discovery: DHCP automatically registers devices to a provisioning server. So, you can automatically provision your Studio via DHCP or, manually provision it. In this post I'm going to talk about Provisioning and DHCP option.