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How to Provision Poly CCX, Trio, VVX and Edge E phones with Poly Lens | 2 Methods

Hello, everyone!! I've been thinking of creating step-by-step guides about Microsoft, Zoom, Google and UC stuff, but I noticed I need to speak about Poly Lens first. If you ask me... It helps us enable several features, it's a life saver tool, so let's talk about Lens!!!

As I mentioned on How to Provision Poly Studio X / G7500 with Lens, and How to Provision Poly Studio USB / R30 with Lens, there are different options to onboard devices to Lens, two of them are as follows:

  • Onboard a device using Provisioning: Register a device one at a time.
  • Onboard all devices via DHCP Auto Discovery: DHCP automatically registers devices to a provisioning server.
You can automatically provision your phones via DHCP or, manually provision it. In other words, all your Poly devices can be registered to Lens automatically, or manually.

Poly CCX, Trio, VVX and Edge E phones are running UC software, now called Poly Voice Operating System (PVOS), therefore, you can onboard them to Lens in the same way, and today, I'd like to show you how it can be done.

Provisioning Poly Phones

Method 1: Web UI and Provisioning Credentials

Go to and sign in with your admin or device manager account, then click on Manage > Register Device.

Poly Lens Register device

Select Visit Provisioning.

Poly Lens: Provisioning

You'll need to copy your provisioning credentials and paste them on your phone, so go to your phone's Web UI.

Login as Admin, enter the password and click Submit.

Poly Web User Interface

Poly Edge E400 Web UI

List of Poly phone's default password:

  • VVX: 456
  • Trio: 456
  • CCX: 456
  • Edge E: 456

Hover over settings and click Provisioning Server.

Poly Edge E with Lens

Set Server type to HTTPS, copy your provisioning credentials and paste on your phone's Web UI. Once pasted, click on Save button.

CCX TRIO VVX EDGE E with Poly Lens

CCX TRIO VVX EDGE E with Poly Lens

Your phone will restart itself, after that you will see it on Lens inventory.

Poly Lens 

Method 2: DHCP

We manually provisioned a phone, but in case you want to automatically register it, go for DHCP option. The phones will get the provisioning server from your DHCP, and commonly option 66, 160 or 161 are used, however, it depends on your network environment.

DHCP Format


Naming a device and Assigning it to a Site

Name your device and assign it to a Site and Room by clicking on it and Edit.

Poly Lens and Poly Edge E