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How to Provision Poly Studio USB and Studio R30 with Poly Lens | 3 Methods

Hey, there!! I've been asked to show how to register Poly Studio USB to Lens, and today I'd like to talk about it to help everyone. 👦😎

As I mentioned on How to Provision Poly Studio X / G7500 with Lens, there are different options to onboard devices to Lens, two of them are as follows:
  • Onboard a device using Provisioning: Register a device one at a time.
  • Onboard all devices via DHCP Auto Discovery: DHCP automatically registers devices to a provisioning server.

So, you can automatically provision your Studio via DHCP or, manually provision it. In this post I'm going to talk about Provisioning and DHCP option.

Poly Studio with Poly lens

Do you prefer a video to a reading? Take a look at my Youtube channel and the following video:

For Spanish speakers:

Provisioning Poly Studio USB and Poly Studio R30

Method 1: Using the system for the first time

The first time setting up your Studio USB or Studio R30, you may need to type in default password in order to connect your system to Lens or, set it up.

Poly Lens Desktop 

In order to move towards, just enter the default password  for your system.

  • Default password for Studio USB: Polycom12#$
  • Default password for Studio R30: Poly12#$

First of all, ensure that your system is connected to a wireless network, just as I show it on the following images, and click Next.

Poly Studio with Lens

Poly Studio with Lens

Go to, and click on Manage > Register Device > Visit Provisioning to get your provisioning credentials.

Poly Lens

Poly Lens

Poly Lens
Provisioning Credentials

Get back to Poly Lens Desktop, set server type as HTTPS Server, copy and paste your credentials, and click on Next.

Poly Studio in Poly Lens

After clicking on Finishing button, you're going to see your provisioned Studio USB/Studio R30 on Lens Desktop, check out provisioning option, the status is green, right?

Poly Studio with Poly lens 

Go back to lens and look for your system in your inventory and click on it.

Method 2: Setting option

For the people who have been using their Studio USB/Studio R30 several times, and would like to provisioning it with Lens, this is your method. In Lens Desktop, click on on your System > Settings