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How to convert VVX X50 Series to OBI for Google Voice | Converting from UC Software to OBI Edition and OBI to UC

As you may know, VVX X50 phones are supported devices for Google Voice, but these desk phones must be running OBI Edition instead of UC software. So, today I'll be talking about how to convert your UC software to OBI Edition in order to use your desk phone with Google Voice, and how to get it back to UC.  

First of all, your VVX can be converted to OBI? There are a couple of thing that you need to be aware of. The revision is crucial, please read carefully the following information:
  • Phone Box: The revision will read Revision ZZA
  • Web UI: It will read Rev A
For details, you can read this document made by Poly.

UC Software to OBI Edition

Type in phone's IP address in your preferred browser. Select admin as your login type, and enter your password to access the local web page.
Now, click on Utilities > Software upgrade.