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Creating Teams Rooms Resource Account via Microsoft 365 and PowerShell

Hey, everyone! This is the first post of the series called "How to Set up Microsoft Teams Rooms", so you'll find a step-by-step guide on this blog. I decided to start it because I was helping a company deploying their MTRs but they didn't know anything about resource account, Teams Rooms licenses and so on, but today, everyone could learn how to set up and deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Resource accounts for Teams rooms

The first thing is the resource account, and you can create it via:

  • PowerShell
  • Microsoft 365
  • Active Directory Users and Computers 

You prefer a video to a reading? You should visit my YouTube Channel here, or watch the following video:


Remember, every Teams Room requires its own resource account, and today you'll learn how to create a resource account using O365 and PowerShell. If you ask me... I recommend you create your resource account by using PowerShell because you can enable interesting features with it and take advantage of them. On the other hand, in the next post, I'm gonna only talk about PowerShell, so the best way to get familiar with something is through repetition and practice.

Creating Resource Account for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Method 1: Microsoft 365

 Go to, click on Resources > Rooms & equipment > Add resource

Microsoft Teams Room Account 

Fill up the black and click Save, for more details, read the following:

  • Resource Type: Set as Room, because equipment option is for vehicles, projectors, and things everyone may use.
  • Name: The name of your conference room.
  • Email: One email for your new room.
  • Capacity: Optional, but it's used for capacity notifications, and your users can know how many people could be there, and they can choose another room which meets their needs.
  • Location: Where your room at? Austin, West, Miami?
  • Phone Number: It's optional, and it doesn't assign a phone number!! Haha that's funny, right? In next posts, I'll show how to do it, but at this moment, this option adds an entry into AAD.

Microsoft Resource

Your new resource is ready! However, it's not ready for Teams. You can add another resource, if you need. At this time, click on Edit booking options.

Microsoft Resource for Teams Rooms

As you may know, Allow repeating meetings, automatically decline meetings outside of limits and auto accept meetings requests are enabled by default. Now, you can set limits, if you need, when you are finished click on Save changes.

Microsoft Teams Resource

You need to assign a password and license to your new resource, therefore, Click Users, and then Active Users.

Resource for Teams Rooms

Your new resource is now displayed under Active users, click on it, and then Reset Password.

Resource for Teams Rooms

 Resource for Teams Rooms

Ensure that Automatically create a password and require this user to change their password when they first sign in are unchecked, create a password and finally click on Reset password button.

Reset password

Again, select your resource (displayed under active users) and click on Licenses and apps. Look for te appropriate Microsoft Teams Rooms License (Basic or Pro), and make sure it is checked, after that, click Save changes.

Assign a license to Teams Rooms

Teams Rooms License

Assign License to Teams Rooms

Now, your resource is ready for your Teams Room! However, I recommend you read the information at the bottom of this blog post in order to know features you may need to enable.

Method 2: PowerShell

First, Make sure certain modules are installed, you need Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online Management and Azure Active Directory. Once you install modules, you will always be available to use them.

First time using PowerShell? Install modules !!

Use the following commands to install the modules:

Install-module MicrosoftTeams
Install-module ExchangeOnlineManagement
Install-Module AzureAD

Teams Rooms Resource Account

Note: Enter Y (Yes), and then A (Yes to all) when asked