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How to Enable SIP / H.323 Calling and Dialing on Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Hello, Everyone!! Last week, one Service Provider from Mexico asked me about this new feature, so I've already enable it on one MTR at the office, but before doing so, I remember the first time that I heard about this, I was so excited cos we finally could join any meeting via SIP/H.323 on our Teams Rooms. and today, I decided to talk about it to help everyone!! 💪

First, the requirements are as follows:

  • Systems must have Teams Rooms Pro License assigned to them.
  • MTR must be running Windows and version or higher (as of today, this feature is only available for MTRoW not for MTRoA). Learn how to update your Teams Rooms in this blog post.
  • Have a signed agreement with one of the certified CVI providers.

Note: You can find certified Cloud Video Interop providers here.

Do you prefer a video over a reading? Check out the following video:+


Now that we know requirements, I'd like to thank my colleague, Leandro for helping me get in contact with Pexip team, and of course, thank Pexip for giving me a license.

Enabling SIP / H.323 dialing

Run PowerShell as admin and connect to Microsoft Teams.


 SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms

If this is your first time using PowerShell, don't forget to install Microsoft Teams Module.

Install-module MicrosoftTeams

Also, you may need to import new modules.

Import-Module MicrosoftTeams

Note: I've been using PowerShell lastly, so I didn't need to install and import MS Teams Module. 

We need to create a new policy, and then apply it to our Rooms. In order to create one, run the following command:

New-CsTeamsRoomVideoTeleConferencingPolicy -Identity "TurnOnSIPH323" -Enabled $true -AreaCode "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx" -ReceiveExternalCalls Enabled -ReceiveInternalCalls Enabled

You may ask yourself "What is that XXXX? and What does it mean?" The XX entry is provided by your CVI provider. I'm using Pexip service, and when I added CVI service for MS teams, I received the following mail:

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms 

After enabling CVI service, I got my Application ID, and that's the entry we need type in to create our policy.

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms

Getting back to PowerShell, let's run the command.

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms

Make sure we created that policy by running the following:


SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms

Yeah, I hid some characters of my Application ID haha sorry not sorry 😅😆 

Applying Policy to Teams Rooms

Run the following command to apply your new policy to one Teams Rooms.

Grant-CsTeamsRoomVideoTeleConferencingPolicy -Identity "<room alias>" -PolicyName "TurnOnSIPH323"

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms

You don't know room alias? Run the following command to find them out and choose one of them. User Principal Name is the room alias that you need to type in.

Get-Mailbox | Where {$_.RoomMailboxAccountEnabled -eq $True} | Format-Table Name, UserPrincipalName

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms

Testing SIP dialing

I've been testing this feature and I love it!! It'll help us join any meeting from our Microsoft Teams Rooms and of course, calls between MTR devices and other conferecing devices that support SIP and H.323 and they can be both internal or external endpoints to your organization. Told u, this is awesome, 1000000 out of 10! 😎👏

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms
Placing a Call

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms
Calling to Endpoint

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms
Calling to Teams Room

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms
Call Between MTR and other Conferecing Device

SIP Dialing on Teams Rooms
Teams Room in Zoom Meeting Through SIP

It's your turn to place, receive or block calls!

That's all for today! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Remember to subscribe to this blog, my YT channel, and follow me on my social media.

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