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How to Provision Edge B Series with Lens | Onboarding a Single Phone System

Hello, my readers!! Many integrators have been asking me for showing them how to provision Edge B Series with Lens, and today, you and they will find out the answer.

Edge B Series are entry-level IP phones, and their specs are as follows:

Poly Edge B Series Phones

Now, let's provision your phone! Type in your phone's IP address on your preferred browser.

Poly Edge B Phone Web

Note: Default user name and password are admin and admin, respectively.

Click System Management and then Auto Provisioning.

Poly Edge B Phone options

Scroll down to ITSP Provisioning, and look for UCSServer.

ITSP Provisioning option on Poly Edge B 

It's time to get your provisioning credentials, go to, click on Register device, then select Visit Provisioning.

Poly Lens 

Provisioning a device with Poly Lens 

Now, you'll see your provisioning credentials, please copy and paste them on notepad.

Poly Lens Provisioning Credencials

Set the UCSServer parameter to Lens using the following format:


For instance, using provisioning credentials, mine looks like this:

Fill out UCSServer field on your Edge B Phone and click on Submit button.

Provisioning Poly Edge B with Poly Lens 

Select OK.

Now, your configuration has been updated successfully, go to top-right-corner and select Reboot.

Your phone can take up to 10 minutes to complete the process, get into Web user interface again, select Status and the System Status. Check  Product Information, your system is connected to Lens!!

System Status Poly Edge B

Go back to Lens, select inventory and look for your phone, and click on it.

Poly Lens Service